Our Story

Joaquin Ortiz was born in Los Angeles California to hippie parents. He was always active and interested in learning new things, but when he had a sports injury at age fourteen, his mom put him in front of a sewing machine instead of a Nintendo and he learned to sew. This was the beginning of a new love. He kept at his craft and in his early twenties, began sewing shirts, jeans, and bags for himself and his friends. With everyone loving his creations, Joaquin decided to turn his hobby into an actual clothing company.

Joaquin’s real wake-up call came in 2006, when he found himself crushed between a boat and an SUV. Though the doctor told him that he would probably never walk again due to his fractured sacrum, Joaquin’s response was simply, ‘No. I won’t accept that.’” With an attitude of perseverance, Joaquin walked back into the hospital with just the assistance of a walking cane six months later. Realizing that… “It’s not enough just to survive, after you survive what do you do?” Joaquin began to think, “What can I do?”

From that soul-searching question came Provider, a clothing company that acts as a reminder that we ALL have something positive to contribute to society. The idea, while simple in concept, is massive in impact: What can I provide for someone else?

With a few thousand dollars and a belief that he could develop a business with an unparalleled approach to fashion, he created Provider: a company that combines design and social consciousness in an effort to embrace the values of family, friendship, and helping others. Provider’s first screen-printed tees sported messages such as “Awaken the Consciousness Within You” and “Embrace the Past Inspire the Future”.

During the recovery from his accident one of Joaquin’s closest friends Francisco Musalem was by his side helping him get back on his feet. Francisco, who graduated from FIU with a finance degree took an interest in Provider while working on one of their special events. He approached Joaquin about becoming more involved and bringing his finance background to Provider. Joaquin knew Francisco would be a perfect fit and his talents and desire to be a part of something greater would push the company in a wonderful direction.

Provider is now working with nonprofit companies locally and across the US and is quickly becoming a favorite among yoga studios, dancers, fashionistas, stylists and celebrities.

Provider’s purpose is to create an article of clothing that carries a message of love, compassion and joy; when you are wearing Provider you are that messenger. You are a Provider to everything and everyone around you.

Uniting everyone under one belief that as a Provider we can Help Our Planet Evolve!

Provider is a grass roots company with a 'pay it forward' concept...

Joaquin Ortiz


Francisco Musalem